Unsitely: Submit Case Studies for Improving Construction Site Aesthetics

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Architects are probably the only people who like to see a construction site. We love to see building cranes, steel workers, and scaffolding—if only because it means architects are working and paying the rent. But for most urban dwellers these work places are “unsitely” disruptions to daily life and noisy irritations.

Now Montreal’s Design Bureau, in collaboration with the city’s downtown Ville-Marie borough and the Saint-Étienne Cité du Design (France), are launching an effort to correct this situation and asking architects for help. They will host a colloquium called “Unsitely! Leveraging Design to Improve Urban Construction Sites” on October 8-9, 2014. They are asking architects to submit proposals on how design can improve individual and collective experience, and the overall communication strategy of major worksites, or at least to contribute to reducing their negative impact on daily life.

Architects (and others) should submit cases studies that address these issues by Tuesday, December 17, 2013. For additional information, contact colloquium executive producer, Laetitia Wolff.

ExpoTENtial Innovates Manhattan City Life

Dean's List, East
Friday, May 27, 2011

ExpoTENtial's Par Corps Lab at the Center for Architecture closes tomorrow.

The month of May saw three ExpoTENtial labs open around Manhattan. Curated by Laetitia Wolff/futureflair, the multi-dimensional platform/festival delves seeks insights on how design can help innovate city living. Addressing everything from urban composting with worms, to using the everyday streetscape for exercise through parcours, Wolff and team stirred up traditional notions of living in NYC by encouraging visitors to think “off the grid.”  In the Par Corps Lab, the crew uses video collage to ponders the manner in which design can promote physical activity and social interaction. Multipurpose bike racks anyone? Today and tomorrow will be the last chance to check it out at the Center for Architecture. Wolff is currently attempting to raise funds for the next seven labs.

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