Artist Cliff Garten lights up this “loud” sculpture covering a Los Angeles parking garage

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Cliff Garten's Heart of Compassion, at night (tk)

Cliff Garten’s Heart of Compassion, at night (Jeremy Green)

Jerde Partnership’s The Vermont, consisting of glassy 23 and 29-story mixed-use towers on the corner of  Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, opened last summer. But one of its most memorable features, LA’s Heart of Compassion, a sculpture by Cliff Garten covering the bulk of its above-ground parking structure, is only now officially open.

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Cliff Garten Inserts Sculptural “Ribbons” Into San Francisco’s 50 UN Plaza

City Terrain, West
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
(Jeremy Green)

(Jeremy Green)

Los Angeles–based artist Cliff Garten has just completed his latest commission: Ribbons, a series of landscapes and sculptures in the courtyard of the Beaux-Arts 50 United Nations Plaza in San Francisco. The symmetrical design riffs on the existing structure’s classical uniformity by inserting a sculptural collage of paving, seating, fountains, and plantings into the building’s 20,000 square foot courtyard.

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Garten’s Rippling New Bridge In Los Angeles

Friday, November 2, 2012

(Berg & Associates)

As we’ve noted before, sculptor Cliff Garten is one of the lucky artists who gets to remake the urban landscape. His latest work is the Baldwin Hills Gateway, a 150-foot-long bridge that marks the entry into the Baldwin Hills Parklands, part of the sprawling Kenneth Han State Recreation Area. The eight-foot-high rail, made of water jet cut and rolled anodized aluminum, is perforated by a rippling pattern inspired by the artist’s survey of the entire park, creating interesting patterns of light and shadow on the bridge’s surface. The project, funded by a grant from the Baldwin Hills Conservancy to the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, just opened last week.

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