Triumph Pavilion 2015: Sky Pavilion

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.
DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

The brief is to design a temporary, freestanding, transportable and contemporary showcase Pavilion to be installed in the Museum Gardens. 

The theme for the 2015 Triumph Pavilion is the ‘Sky’, hence the Pavilion will be entitled ‘Sky Pavilion’. It is an exciting prospect and aims to be one that inspires architects to explore the 5th facade of most architecture project. The sky is a complex sphere with such elements as sun, moon, stars and clouds all adding to the dramatic effects of colour, day, night, texture, rain, sunshine etc.


The competition calls on participants to create a unique space that invites visitors to appreciate the role the sky and its elements play in our well being, perception of architectural structures and the world around us as a whole.


The winning design proposal will be one that is perceived to most satisfy the brief and is befitting of the Museum Gardens. It should also be inclusive and encourage / highlight the need for ecological and sustainable design principles where possible.

Pavilion should not exceed 4 meters in height and 60 square meters in area.

The winning project team may be assigned to an architectural office or co-architect to collaborate with in further developing the construction drawings and prepare it for construction where the team lacks the experience. It is to be built on a site elsewhere and assembled or placed in position in the Museum Gardens.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, November 4, 2014.
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