Street Smart: An Urban Competition Initiative

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
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Street Smart’ is a first-of-its kind competition that invites designers to re-imagine and re-design our city streets and details based on Indian sensibilities and local users and not simply global standards and aesthetics.

The Competition Charter

India: A call for development.

India has by default taken a slower pace to urban evolution than its western counterparts. Unlike them India still has a decade to go before nearly fifty per cent of its populace will be living in urban areas and that poses a challenge for urban development and renewal task. With large scale urbanization comes the need to plan and develop urban areas in a systematic manner, invest in infrastructure and improve the quality of life in our cities. There is an urgent need to address the micro details of day-to-day proliferating of the urban street scape navigated by the urban dweller with amenities of comfort. The much quoted “God is in the Detail” will have to be the mantra of manifesting the city as each singular activity from waste management, to navigation, to rests-spots, directions for navigating and other amenities will make or break the constitution of a city and its people.

I am…A Design Professional

India is more design aware than ever before and is more than ready for change in its dayto-day life functioning. The competition envisions the activation of the design think tank to delve into shaping the ergonomics of urban infrastructure and their evolutionary cycle.
I can…Change My City

“Street Smart” stems from a need to create an urban-aware generation of designers and urban engineers who constantly work towards setting the best standards for our cities. The exercise will invite designers to investigate the day-to-day functioning of the urban diaspora and invent or re-configure the patterns of use.
I will…Create the Movement of Change

The course of the competition adopts a stance of participative development. The winning design should be designed as urban inserts that are ready-to-build in any Indian conditions.

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