PINarchitecture /// May Brief : The Lying Door

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PINarchitecture is a creative outlet for designers to express unique ideas within a 4 inch circle. The contained format challenges designers to be concise while being less time- consuming than a standard competition.

May 2014 /// The Lying Door

Doors facilitate the transition between spaces, but it is taken for granted that those spaces are adjacent to one another. What if some doors could not be trusted to lead to the next room? Instead, a door may lead to another area of a building, or even to the other side of the world? How might people react to a dishonest door that teleports to unpredictable locations? What are consequences for buildings and society when any door could be deceptive? What happens when doors begin to lie?

Participants are asked to consider doors that are unpredictable rather than controllable portals to desired locations. Submissions may be technical, conceptual, practical, and/or artistic.

Submission Details :

Any media and text contained within a 4 inch diameter circle with white beyond. Submissions must be 300dpi JPGs and sent to include your name, city, state, and country in the e-mail. There is no fee to enter. International entries are welcome. Submissions will be judged by a jury of three designers. The first place winner will receive a poster containing the top 10 submissions of the month and will have the option to be a juror for next month’s competition.

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