Between Spaces

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Between Spaces’ is a competition about public space and urban design inspired to engage the public and design community to propose creative solutions for underutilized public spaces in New Orleans.

The Ideas Competition encourages teams to develop a design proposal or implementation plan that addresses abandoned or left over spaces within our neighborhoods and promotes a transformative physical change of positive cultural impact and legacy. The urban interventions should be considered vibrant public amenities, gathering places for the community, “safe spaces” where interaction is encouraged. The space should value and support civic engagement.

The site is located underneath Highway 90 between St. Charles and O.C. Haley. Elevated City Highways typically generate “dead zone” thresholds of undesirable and unplanned neighborhood boundaries. A common implication of these strong dividers is the segregation and underutilization of their space underneath. Unsafe, leftover areas are used as overflow parking, storage, and even unplanned shelter.

Our site brings significant opportunities and challenges as it is located between a strong established neighborhood and a major tourist path. There is no given program in this
competition to allow you to explore different possibilities for the urban intervention. However, your chosen program should strive to draw pedestrian traffic, locals and tourists, from Lee Circle and St. Charles Avenue. Design interventions can occupy the entire site or any portion of it.

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