Daniel Libeskind and Marina Abramovic Team Up on a Table Design


(Courtesy Gianni Antoniali/Ikon)

Architect Daniel Libeskind has collaborated with artist Marina Abramovic on the design of furniture for her upcoming event, “Counting the Rice,” which will be staged December 4–7 during Miami Art Basel. The integrated table/bench will be fabricated in concrete by Moroso in a limited edition of 30 pieces. Plywood versions were created for previous performances in Geneva and Milan.


(Courtesy Saverio Lombardi Vallauri)

While striking in its characteristically angular appearance, we’re a little skeptical of the comfort quotient of the seating. Was Libeskind channeling his inner Frank Lloyd Wright, who created famously painful furnishings? Hmmm. But perhaps the nature of the performance provides a clue, here: The event requires participants to sit for at least six hours, counting and sorting grains of rice. Part meditative ritual, part atrophy-inducing experience—at least they will look, if not feel, good.

Proceeds from the sale of the tables will be donated to Abramovic’s MAI organization, a platform for “immaterial art” and long duration works.


(Courtesy Saverio Lombardi Vallauri)


(Courtesy Annik Wetter)


(Courtesy Andrea Martiradonna)


(Courtesy Gianni Antoniali/Ikon)


(Courtesy Annik Wetter)

One Response to “Daniel Libeskind and Marina Abramovic Team Up on a Table Design”

  1. Wertal says:

    More sharp angles from the Libeskind idiot. I’m waiting for the moron to create a triangular football.

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