Eavesdrop> SCI-Arc expected to tap Diaz Alonso to succeed Eric Owen Moss

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Friday, June 20, 2014
Hernan Diaz-Alonzo (whatisarchitecture.cc)

Hernan Diaz-Alonzo (whatisarchitecture.cc)

It’s not official, so don’t tell anyone we told you it was. But… It looks like SCI-Arc Graduate Programs Chair and Principal of Xefirotarch Hernan Diaz Alonso is going to be the next director of SCI-Arc, taking over for Eric Owen Moss in September 2015. According to SCI-Arc spokesperson Georgiana Ceausu, the school’s Executive Search Committee yesterday recommended Diaz Alonso to the school’s board, which is now “in the process of making the decision.” There won’t be any official appointment until July or August.

Diaz Alonso’s mesmerizing, fluid, alien, and digitally-based images and installations have been featured in museums around the world, including SFMOMA, the Art Institute of Chicago, the MAK Center, and the FRAC Center. But he will be the first SCI-Arc director to have not built a building (despite numerous competition entries), perhaps signaling a new direction for the school. We’ll have more on Diaz Alonso, and the future of SCI-Arc, if and when the appointment becomes official.

TBA 1.0 (Xefirotarch)

TBA 1.0 (Xefirotarch)

Kaohsiung Cultural Center, 2010 (Xefirotarch)

Kaohsiung Cultural Center, 2010 (Xefirotarch)

"SUR" at PS 1, 2005 (Xefirotarch)

“SUR” at PS 1, 2005 (Xefirotarch)

7 Responses to “Eavesdrop> SCI-Arc expected to tap Diaz Alonso to succeed Eric Owen Moss”

  1. A current student says:


    We need a pragmatic director who has actually built something, not ten more years of Maya and macho bravado.

    Wes Jones, please!

  2. past student says:

    Did you really just refer to Wes Jones as “pragmatic”?

  3. A current student says:

    @past_student When Hernan actually bothers to build something, give me a call

  4. Drop out Student says:

    It seemed a rather unadventurous and safe choice to select someone in house, not building as director doesn’t seemed to be issues as many director whom runs school inspires by ideal and direction, but rather puzzled that a school seemed to believe technology and biomorphic forms seemed to run through, visual look for nature and rattlesnake skins (http://goo.gl/dXx8FY) – believe this direction has come to end, already.

  5. SCIarc Students says:

    SCI-arc Student Community:

    In both the immediate SCI-Arc community and Architecture as a whole, a condition has emerged where all those involved have become a shattered group of individuals, unable to join cohesively in order to communicate about the issues directly at hand. This threatens our position as a student body, as we are, inherently responsible for the progression of the field of Architecture we stand to inherit. In a way, it is our duty to consolidate our many abilities so that we can actively take some action in the events that emerge before us. This letter is therefore a call to the student body to gather productively to discuss how we may engage ourselves as a constituency of Architecture. Please read the letter that has been uploaded to the following link http://sciarcstudents.tumblr.com/ and join us in our open conversation, please note if you would like to comment you must first click on the image and then click on the arrow back.


    SCI-arc Students

  6. A current student says:

    Hi SCI-arc Students

    Is there an actual petition we can sign? The administration likely won’t respond to this without any numbers.

    Thanks! :)

  7. Nope says:

    Is this a joke? Hernan as director?

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