Multifaceted Transformer Wall Makes the Most of a Small Space

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Transformer Wall (Vlad Mishin)

The hidden door has long been a standby of Scooby Doo episodes and spy movies. It’s even found a place in Mitt Romney’s new Utah mansion. Now Russian designer Vlad Mishin has created a modern and practical take on the popular Hollywood gag through his Transformer Wall, a visually striking means of adding new levels of flexibility to a small apartment interior.


Rotating Components (Vlad Mishin)

The multifaceted surface of the design is created by a black metal framework filled in with plywood panels joined at various angles. Offering the initial impression of an uninterrupted partition, the wall’s sections are all in fact alterable in various that reshape the spaces they serve to divide. Three segments at its far end containing a television and shelving can all be rotated to allow for various viewing angles and free movement between bedroom and living room. Other portions can be folded or slid apart to reveal a small kitchen and bathroom.

As befits its name, Mishin’s design helps to transform an interior space that measures just 645 square feet. The wall bestows a sense of roominess and mutlifunctionality often found lacking in an apartment of such a restricted size.


Kitchen Revealed (Vlad Mishin)

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