Moby Jams to Architecture

Thursday, February 9, 2012
(Courtesy Moby)

(Courtesy Moby)

Those of you who thought Ice Cube was the only music star to love architecture, think again. It turns out that the bespectacled hipster god Moby is an even more dedicated disciple, even producing his own blog on the topic. The web site, simply called Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog, launched about two weeks ago. While Moby calls his ramblings “pointless,” “self-indulgent,” and “oddball,” we love it.

Moby's Los Angeles Architecture Blog.

Moby's Los Angeles Architecture Blog.

The blog is already populated with atmospheric architectural photography—ranging from the prosaic to the epic—and often intelligent musings. Take for example this on-the-mark observation:

One of the things that fascinates and baffles me about l.a is the randomness and accidental beauty and strangeness of the architecture here. Every day I arbitrarily see buildings and houses and odd structures that go from the beautiful to the banal, usually within 10 feet of each other.” The artist is especially interested in the secret nature of LA’s best buildings. His most recent post documents a “moorish early 20th century quasi castle” in Hollywood. Says Moby: “Most cities are populated by remarkable architecture that’s pretty easy to find (chrysler building, st. peters, kremlin, big ben, etc). l.a is populated by about a million hidden gems.

Read more at Moby Los Angeles Architecture.

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One Response to “Moby Jams to Architecture”

  1. Boston Architecture says:

    Interesting. Happy to have Moby paying attention to the architecture field.
    Boston Architecture

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