Unveiled> Seoul Cloud by MVRDV

Friday, December 9, 2011
Courtesy MVRDV

Rendering of the Cloud at night. (Courtesy MVRDV)

Seoul’s Yongsan International Business District, a new district designed to lift the city’s architectural appeal as an international business destination, is filled with wild promises: the world’s second tallest tower (‘Dream Tower’) to be completed by 2016, the Libeskind-designed, 28-trillion-won ($22.6-billion) ‘Dreamhub’ project, and now MVRDV’s The Cloud.

Close-up of the Cloud (Courtesy MVRDV)

Rendered Close-up of the Cloud. (Courtesy MVRDV)

According to Yongsan Dream Hub corporation’s recent presentation, the Rotterdam-based architecture and urban design firm is behind the design of the two interconnected luxury residential high-rises, named “the Cloud.” The two towers, one 260-meter-tall and another 300-meter-tall, are joined in the center (at 27th floor) by what indeed resembles a floating, pixelated cloud.

Interior of the Cloud (Courtesy MVRDV)

Rendered Interior of the Cloud (Courtesy MVRDV)

True to the MVRDV’s signature operation of densification and multiple space use (often achieved by multiple and simultaneous stacking), the tightly and diversely stacked structure of the cloud allows a multiplicity of programs. Besides the residential function (which also isn’t uniform in its offerings– an apartment can range from 80 square meters to 260 square meters, with an option of double-height ceilings), there are 14,357 square meters worth of amenities to house public programs, from sky lounge, wellness center, conference center, fitness studio, restaurants, and cafes, to pools, patios, decks, and gardens. Both towers are accessed via a grand lobby at ground level, which also hosts town houses and public gardens designed by landscape architect Martha Schwartz; the top floors of both towers are reserved for 1200 square meters of penthouse apartments with private roof gardens.

Rendering of the Cloud (Courtesy MVRDV)

Rendering of the Cloud during day. (Courtesy MVRDV)

The Cloud, with a total surface of 128,000 square meters, is expected to be completed in 2015. Check out more images in the gallery below:

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4 Responses to “Unveiled> Seoul Cloud by MVRDV”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It looks like a minecraft version of half way through 9/11

  2. Richard says:

    It looks like a mess ready to come down.

  3. G. Martens says:

    You have to judge it by its own merits not by sensitivities which are not as deeply felt in other places then the USA.
    To me it is an interesting experiment like we come te expect from MVRDV, and just as other projects of their hand, not ment tot be aesthetical pleasing.

  4. j.chasle says:

    A sailor Captain friend of mine always said he was an atheist. Until that one night. He had been steering on a raging sea for 24 hours straight, his men too sick to move from their berth. The sea was pitch black! Something hit the back of the Captain’s head. He flew over the steering wheel. In a second, he saw every imaginable collective fears & mythology related to sea creatures : Sirens, Loch Ness Monster, Poseidon, Moby Dick, the Giant Sea Squid, etc. When the sun came up, a dead flying fish was on deck. Do you get my point?… It is not a fact that US citizens are more sensitive to any reminder of this horrific event. I’m from Canada. I have friends on 3 continents. We are as sensitive to it than US people are! … This project steps away, way way out, from the need to mourn, and heal. The people need inspiring places of beauty and silence. Ever been into the Brandenburg Gate’s Room of Silence? These architects should. I rest my case.

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