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Thursday, August 11, 2011

An old curtain falls within the proscenium. (AN/Stoelker)

There’s an old expression that perfectly describes the current condition of the Loew’s King movie palace on Flatbush Avenue: “regal rot.” There’s beauty in the decay, yet no one wants to see the the rot take the upper hand. At the moment the dank smell foretells the considerable work that lies ahead for the Houston-based ACE Theatrical Group, the developer selected by NYCEDC and Borough President Marty Markowitz to restore and operate the 1929 building.

Restoration of the lobby has already begun.

Despite the deterioration, many of the original decorative elements remain, from a surprising amount of plaster detailing, to crystal strands hanging form the chandeliers, wrought iron on the sides of the chairs, and gorgeous woodwork in the lobby. On completion, the $70 million project will open the Loew’s doors for live theatrical events in 2013.

Video courtesy NYCEDC:

5 Responses to “Pictorial> Loew’s King Theater in Brooklyn, Before”

  1. Nicholas says:

    $70M? Has anyone walked around that neighborhood. It’s a slum.

  2. Nicholas says:

    $70m? To renovate a theater in that slum. My taxes down the drain again.


    No, the surrounding area is not a slum, but one of the most diverse neighborhoods in America. The commercial strip is in need of revitalization which will follow the theater restoration.

  4. Tom Stoelker says:

    I wouldn’t called beautiful detached homes with manicured gardens a slum.

  5. BklynREZ says:

    I have been saying for years that this theater should be restored (I heard it was a landmark which is why Magic Johnson was turned down) for live performances, preferably for and by CHILDREN, and should be a movie theater for children. There used to be a theater like this in Rockefeller Center but closed some years ago. LOVED IT!!! I used to take my nephews and now that I have my own would love to have something like this. Children have the tendency to watch the same shows a million times over and this would be great for them when nothing new is released. It should be focused solely on CHILDREN!!!

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