A New Cultural Light in Detroit

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tim White-Sobieski's Deconstructed Reality (2007) at the new Kunsthalle Detroit.

Among the triumvirate of Save Detroit schemes (urban farming, attracting artists, and right-sizing the city), cultural projects in some ways seem most challenging given the city’s dire circumstances. Located in a formerly abandoned bank building, the new Kunsthalle Detroit will showcase multimedia and light-based artworks, a smart strategy given the comparatively low cost and ease of presenting such work. The museum opens tomorrow with an exhibition titled, “Time and Place,” featuring works by Bill Viola, Tim White-Sobieski and ten other artists. “This museum brings the best in contemporary multimedia art as catered to the local population,” said founder Tate Osten, in a statement. “It is ultimately a revolutionary action, bringing international art forces to Detroit. In the near future we envision multimedia and light projects splashing from within the museum onto the streets of Detroit, making life and art inseparable.” Kunsthalle Detroit is located at 5001 Grand River Avenue, and will be open Tuesday through Saturday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

One Response to “A New Cultural Light in Detroit”

  1. C Malo says:

    If President Obama plans on being re-elected, then he needs to re-tap into the optimism that helped him win last time. Fortunately, the first feature film to examine that optimism will be playing in Detroit on next Thursday night.

    On 6/23 at 7 PM, the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival will open with its first screening of “1/20,” a film by Gerardo Del Castillo Ramirez. The screening will be held at the Partrich Auditorium, 471 West Palmer, Detroit MI (part of the Wayne State University).

    Will Shepherd, the lead actor of 1/20, will be in attendance to provide some opening remarks and a Q&A session after the screening.

    1/20 is the first feature film of Mexican Director Gerardo Del Castillo Ramirez, who is known as the “Wong Kar Wai of Mexican/Iberian cinema,” and who currently resides in Barcelona.

    “1/20” is the first feature film about the American experience of electing Obama. The film is a dark teen comedy (family-friendly, but it has some explicit language), which examines how the American people became impassioned and ultimately nihilistically exhausted during the campaign. 1/20 employs iconic American imagery from a Hegelian perspective, as only a team of Latin artists and a Japanese lead actress can truly present America with objectivity. Moreover, the use of teen metaphor to drive this film originates in the subversiveness of encouraging dialogue and education without creating shocking content.


    In light of your past political articles directed towards the Detroit community, we invite you to attend this screening. We will also be happy to arrange interviews with any member of the cast or crew, per your request.

    Warm regards,
    C Malo Producciones

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