747 House Sneak Peek

Thursday, June 16, 2011

©Sara Jane Boyers

David Hertz’s 747 House in Malibu— literally made from the wings and fuselage of a a retired 747— is not quite done (it’s residents are moving in now). But we’ve been able to get a few pictures of the house from photographer Sara Jane Boyers, who has been documenting the project since June 2008. Hertz obtained the 747 for $50,000, and has used every bit of it in the construction of the main residence and six ancillary structures (note the wing roofs and the engine fountain, for starters). Besides the obvious green-ness of being recycled from an airplane, the house also uses Solar power, radiant heating and natural ventilation. Enjoy these pix and stay tuned for more as the house finishes up.

Click on a thumbnail to launch the slideshow.

3 Responses to “747 House Sneak Peek”

  1. CDavey says:

    how do I see the slide show for the 747 house?
    “slideshow after jump”?

  2. CDavey, try clicking on one of the thumbnails at the end of the post to launch the slideshow.

  3. Cat Bauer says:

    Here is the link to my Venetian Cat -. Venice Blog about the Holocaust entitled “Giorno della Memoria 2011 – Remembrance Day” in which Sara Jane Boyers is featured:


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