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Friday, April 29, 2011

From Roche's Isobiot®ope at the Venice Bienale

Architect-researcher-conceptual designer-provocateur Francois Roche was recently invited to give a lecture and exhibition at SCI-Arc relating to the work of his firm R&Sie(n). However he canceled both, revealing the reasons in an open letter, after the jump. Much of it is in self-described  “Frenchglish,” but you get the idea.

He’s not so happy with what he characterizes as the school’s arrogance, its narrow focus on design, and its “lack of interest for politics and attitude.”  Them’s fightin’ words… Meanwhile SCI-Arc spokesperson Georgiana Ceausu tells AN that Roche’s summer exhibit didn’t work out because he wanted to display something he had already shown, which is against school policy.

Dear Sci-Arc Staff,

“I have no other way than to cancel the Sci-Arc exhibition in the Gallery (scheduled in May 25) and the lecture (scheduled the April 6-2011). The gap of point of view, and the lack of interest for politics and attitude, reducing the architecture process to a unique design agenda cannot fit with our scenario of production and scenario of speeches. Our works and attitudes are toxic, animal, dangerous, regressive, politic and computational. Architecture is mainly an affair of resistance and self-defense, against hypocrisies and “in”voluntary servitude, to quote La Boetie. It cannot be reduced to a design goal, exclusively dedicated and trapped by tooling. I disagree on the way the knowledge is framed by and for predictable professional, without any potential to corrupt and desalienate through educational procedures the “coming out” of neoplagiarism and neocopism, which remind me the Beaux Art symptom and syndrome. I ‘m French and know perfectly the stickiness of this sliperring addiction. I just want to precise that this voluntary abandon, cannot be understood as a “tantrum or capriccio” against the Sci-arc students pool, but it is at the level of Sci-Arc staff arrogances and ignorances, which seems to shrink architecture purpose to a simple affair of design agenda.”

My best

F Roche /


PS Speaking and writing are done, here, in my Frenchglish dialect / I let you the opportunity to translate it in the Shakespeare  “mayonnaise”.

6 Responses to “Roche Unleashes On SCI-Arc”

  1. Bob McAnulty says:

    Right on to FR. More architects should have the courage to say Fuck You.

  2. Lynn Scott Paden says:

    I find it incredibly amusing that Roche accuses another of arrogance and then, instead of writing in French, he chooses to bastardize English. I visited his web-site which quite frankly seems to me to be purposefully obtuse and difficult to navigate. That said, saying F*** U and refusing to compromise is to be applauded.

  3. Robin Oliver says:

    It is assholes like FR that earn architecture and architects the lack of respect that we get. “Our works and attitudes are toxic, animal, dangerous, regressive, politic and computational.” What incredible bullshit.

  4. Neil Denari says:

    The assholes are on Sci-Arc side – what used to be a frontier of innovative design got invaded and busted by a gang of arrogant, ignorant, envious, revengeful Argentinean crooks (and their sweethearts, wives, puppets…) and turned into a “hypocritical, predictable, neoplagiarist, neocopist” place for reptile and embryo caricatures. Bravo, Francois – the French had the guts to speak up! The others pay too much attention to the linguistics…

  5. Bob Hinter says:

    Isn’t it silly to be slinging I don’t see R&Sie as so completely original and novel that they could not be described as part of a constellation of similar architects working in a now conventionalized style and through certain understood design processes.

    Somebody arrogant just got told “No”.

  6. Abigail A. says:

    Hey Neil Denari, dont me mad that you got fired as director of Sci-arc, and ps you have an argentine working for you as well, Georgina H. This guy is a joke who thinks that his work is toxic, and animal, go back to France .

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