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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It would appear the Second Avenue Subway is really, truly happening. Not to have doubted all the construction work that’s gone on so far, but we have been-there-done-that about half-a-dozen times over the past century. Now, however, the 200-ton Cutter Head has arrived, the main piece of the Tunnel Boring Machine that will begin carving out the tunnels for the first phase of the new line. The MTA posted some pretty cool pics of the device, including the one above, on its Facebook page. And if that weren’t socially networked enough, there’s a YouTube flick of the thing being lowered underground with a soundtrack that sounds oddly like that of a softcore sex scene in some ’90s movie. Second Avenue Sagas points out that this is largely “symbolic,” as the real challenge, technically and fiscally, is not digging but building the lines and stations. That said, we still wonder if all this money wouldn’t be better spent on maintaining service than pushing ahead with capital projects, even if it does mean their nth death. While you ponder, the flick and more pics after the jump.

6 Responses to “Some Serious Equipment”

  1. John-Henry says:

    Does NYC have its own one of these? Or is it rented from a company that owns it?

  2. John-Henry says:

    Does NYC have their own one of these or is it rented?

  3. Matt Chaban says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re renting it. That’s one of the reasons they say they can’t stop or even necessarily slow down on projects like this and the 7-Train extension, because it actually costs more money, not less, because of the cost of simply bringing in equipment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can find lots of additional photos and information on this blog site:

    The Launch Box

  5. MaximusNYC says:

    They get shipped around to different projects. This tunnel-boring machine is supposedly about 30 years old. It has been used before in NYC, to dig a different subway tunnel, but most recently it was used for a sewer project in Connecticut.

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