Designer Halloween Costumes

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Were looking to Rem Koolhaas for inspiration.

We're looking to Rem Koolhaas for inspiration for this year

WIth Halloween just a day-and-a-half away, there’s not much time to come up with a costume if you haven’t already. Our pal Nate Berg over at Planetizen has a rather amusing listing of planning-themed costumes, including LEED certified—”don’t get your platinum certification mistaken for a silver”—and our personal favorite, FAR—”This costume illustrates the concept of floor area ratio over the course of the night. At first the ratio is low, as you’ll likely be standing and dispersing yourself over a relatively small land area. But by the end of the night when you’re passed out on the floor after the party, you’ll be taking up much more land area and will therefore represent a much higher FAR.” Still, everybody knows architects are more clever than planners, so we’ve come up with five of our own costumes, and we’d also love to hear yours, so leave suggestions in the comments.

*Those weird little building-monsters from Content (see: above).
*A Lebbeus Woods drawing
*The new New Museum: Just grab some chickenwire and cardboard boxes.
*A copy of CATIA, or, for those of a certain age, a T-square and watercolors.
*Your average bespeckled, bespoke architect.

2 Responses to “Designer Halloween Costumes”

  1. Bill says:

    How about dressing as noted city planner Ron Shiffman?

  2. Matt Chaban says:

    How about wearing nothing and going as Atlantic Yards!

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