Upper West Side Mom & Pops Get Boost from Planning

East, Newsletter
Thursday, January 19, 2012
(Montage based on photos by Ed Yourdon and Ken Fager / Flickr)

(Montage based on photos by Ed Yourdon and Ken Fager / Flickr)

While the city has kept Walmart at bay—for now—banks and/or drugstores continue to consume two, three, and sometimes four or five consecutive storefronts in many parts of the city. The Upper West Side has been particularly hard hit because most of its side streets are residential. The neighborhood primarily relies on the north/south corridors of Broadway, Amsterdam, and Columbus for its shopping needs. After hearing citywide complaints about the problem, City Planning has begun to address the issue through the West Side Neighborhood Retail Streets Initiative.

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Opponents Line Up Against Brooklyn’s Skyscraper Historic District

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brooklyn Skyscraper Historic District stirs dissent. (Courtesy Scouting NYC)

Some heavy hitters are lining up to knock down a proposal to landmark Brooklyn’s downtown skyscraper historic district. The Brooklyn Newspaper reported that everyone from the Brooklyn Law School to the Real Estate Board of New York say that the proposal will stunt growth in the area. Not surprisingly, as we reported back in December, the folks at 75 Livingston are still raising a stink of what it will cost them as one of the few residential buildings in the district. Proponents say that landlords are posturing to push for a major retail district and don’t want the limitations brought about by landmarking.

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