Tehran’s Next Office designs a house that swivels in and out on enormous turntables

Sharifi-ha House in motion. (Courtesy Next Office)

Sharifi-ha House in motion. (Courtesy Next Office)

Sharifi-Ha House, designed by Tehran-based firm Next Office, comprises three pods on turntables to respond to changing seasons and functions. German turntable manufacturer, Bumat, modeled the technology after its industry-leading platforms for theater sets and car exhibitions.

The architecture firm explained, “The sensational, spatial qualities of the interiors, as well as the formal configuration of its exterior, directly respond to the displacement of turning boxes that lead the building volume to become open or closed, obtaining introverted or extroverted character.”

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Moussavi the Architect

Thursday, June 18, 2009
The architecture of Mir-Hussein Moussavi (Photos courtesy Tehran24)

The architecture of Mir-Hussein Moussavi (Courtesy Tehran24)

I first remembered reading about it in The Economist, arching an impressed eyebrow, and then forgetting about it. After all, this was before the Iranian elections had even taken place, let alone led the country into its current near-revolt. But there, at the heart of it all, was an architect. Read More

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