PRODUCT> Heart of Gold, A Kitchen Made into a Jewelry Box

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Steininger's Heart of Gold kitchen.

Steininger’s Heart of Gold kitchen.

The Product Page in AN‘s current print issue, “Turn Up The Heat,” rounds up six solid stand-alone kitchen units with a focus on minimal, streamlined design, optimal storage for a clutter-free workspace and enhanced performance for demanding chefs. Most of the featured cooktops, like Binova’s Anima, Boffi’s K20, Leicht’s FS-Topos, Rational’s Solo and Valcucine’s La CucinaAlessi are light, clean, sleek and bright white Corian, while Rossana’s DC10, Eggersmann’s Unique and Steininger’s Heart of Gold are decidedly darker, heavier—even brutal—pairing matte metals and deep wood tones with rectangular blocks of stone and slate.

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Our Evolving Kitchen: Lessons from 1920s Frankfurt

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Frankfurter Kitchen

Berlin’s Museum der Dinge (Museum of Things) is home to the Werkbundarchiv, a collection of objects produced from 1907 up until the midcentury by the Deutsche Werkbund (German Work Federation), an association of artists, architects, designers, and industrialists. Even though the Werkbund is attributed with being the precursor of Modern architecture and industrial design and had a significant influence on the Bauhaus school, it wasn’t a creative movement, but a state-sponsored initiative to pair traditional crafts with mass production techniques to gain a competitive edge in manufacturing everything – as their motto states: Vom Sofakissen Zum Stadtbau (from sofa cushions to city building).

The collection is as fascinating as it is overwhelming, packed to the gills with objects that are rightfully described by the museum’s curators as “designed by very famous artists and anonymous designers, individual pieces and mass production, functional and puristic objects and so-called ‘error in taste’ or ‘Kitsch,’ substantial ‘honest’ things and material surrogates, branded articles and no-name products.”

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