Brooklyn Bridge Park’s overly bouncy pedestrian bridge remains overly bouncy, off limits

Squibb Park Bridge pre-Pierhouse development. (Branden Klayko / AN)

Squibb Park Bridge pre-Pierhouse development. (Branden Klayko / AN)

When it opened in 2013, the Squibb Park Bridge that zigzagged between Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn Bridge Park instantly became one of the most thrilling pieces of the waterfront retreat. The HNTB-designed pedestrian bridge was designed to have some bounce in it, so getting to the park was more than a typical pedestrian experience, it was a fun little adventure. At least for the humans voyaging across it—dogs hated it. The petrified, why-are-you-doing-this-to-me looks on their faces as the wood structure ebbed and flowed were haunting.

And perhaps offered more-than-a-little foreshadowing.

Michael Van Valkenburgh Releases Details of Main Street Section of Brooklyn Bridge Park

City Terrain, East
Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Much has been brewing at Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) over the last six months starting with the opening of Pier 5 to the completion of Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge. And now, according to DUMBO NYC, the Park, along with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, recently unveiled plans at a community meeting to overhaul the Main Street section of its 1.3-mile waterfront stretch at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.

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