Malibu modern icon faced with demolition

Craig Ellwood and Jerrold Lomax's Hunt House on Malibu Road under threat.  (Steve Aldana, Esoteric Survey)

Craig Ellwood and Jerrold Lomax’s Hunt House on Malibu Road under threat.
(Steve Aldana, Esoteric Survey)

On Friday, the LA Times’ architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne reported that Craig Ellwood and Jerrold Lomax’s Hunt House in Malibu faces a demolition threat. AN reached out to several experts on Ellwood, preservation, and modern architecture for comments on what this means for Los Angeles.

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Obit> Alex Moulton, 1920-2012

Friday, December 21, 2012
Reyner Banham rides one of Moulton's bikes.

Reyner Banham rides one of Moulton’s bikes.

Alex Moulton, 92, died on December 9th at his home in Bath, England. His New York Times obituary on December 20th didn’t mention that he designed an object loved by the entire architecture profession. Moulton an automotive engineer and entrepreneur designed, built, and manufactured the Moulton foldable, collapsable mini bicycle. The bicycle was made famous-at least to architect’s by Reyner Banham who commuted daily on his Moulton F-frame and famously used a photographed on his mini for his books dust jacket.

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Reyner Banham Facebook Mystery Solved

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In last issue’s Eavesdrop we noted that world famous LA architectural writer Reyner Banham (Architecture of Four Ecologies), who died back in 1988, now has a Facebook page with over 600 friends, most of whom think he’s still around. We’ve discovered who’s behind the fake page. Architect Parsa Khalili tells us he started it for an assignment in a seminar course at Yale School of Architecture in 2008. Khalili says he forgot about the account until one day he signed in and saw 30 people waiting to be his friend. Since then Banham has accrued friends from around the world, sending him birthday wishes and thanking him for the great honor of friending them. “Honestly I have no idea why I even bother but it has become such an absurdity it’s hard to totally let go,” explained Khalili.

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