New Detroit urban arts venue Wasserman Projects set to open September 25

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Monday, September 21, 2015
Designer Nick Gelpi's collaboration with painter Markus Linnenbrink

Designer Nick Gelpi’s collaboration with painter Markus Linnenbrink. (Courtesy Gelpi Projects)

“Detroit is not having a renaissance,” philanthropist Gary Wasserman proclaimed in the Bushwick, Brooklyn studio space of painter Markus Linnenbruck, “It is an entirely new expression of urbanism.” With the sun pouring in through large, iron-frame windows, he introduced the concept for his new Detroit arts venue. Cities, he says, are “the 21st century frontier,” not the West or Space.

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Painting Palmitas: Artists in Mexico cover an entire hillside village in one enormous psychedelic mural

(Courtesy Germen Crew)

(Courtesy Germen Crew)

Pachuca, Mexico is hoping a psychedelic mural can cement the transformation of a once crime-stricken neighborhood to a safer, more unified community. The government-sponsored urban renewal project, called El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas, coated over 200 hillside dwellings in a vibrant layer of paint with striking results.

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On View> Alma Thomas: Moving Heaven & Earth, Paintings and Works on Paper, 1958–1978

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Monday, May 11, 2015
(Alma Thomas / Courtesy Michael Rosenfeld Gallery)

(Alma Thomas / Courtesy Michael Rosenfeld Gallery)

Alma Thomas: Moving Heaven & Earth, Paintings and Works on Paper, 1958–1978
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
100 11th Avenue at 19th Street
New York, New York
Through May 16

Focusing on the two final decades of Alma Thomas’ life, this exhibition displays the late-blooming artist’s most vibrant paintings on the monumental canvases she became celebrated for in the 1960s and ’70s. Inspired by nature, recent discoveries in the sciences, and her observation of earthly and celestial phenomena, Thomas’ experimentations with vigorous, rhythmic colors and abstraction resulted in modern art unencumbered by political and historical intentions, and vested merely in the enjoyment of art itself. This marks the second time Thomas’ work will be exhibited at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery. Her first show, Alma Thomas: Phantasmagoria, Major Paintings from the 1970s, was held in 2001.


MCA Chicago unveils new logo, plans for image overhaul with help from Johnston Marklee

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Friday, February 20, 2015
MCA Chicago, 220 E. Chicago Ave. (Peter McCullough)

MCA Chicago, 220 E. Chicago Ave. (Peter McCullough)

Change is underway at Chicago‘s Museum of Contemporary Art. At a press conference Friday MCA officials revealed that the institution is working on a new image, new programming and even a new master plan for the museum’s space led by Los Angeles–based design firm Johnston Marklee.

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On View> Building the Picture: Architecture in Italian Renaissance Painting

Carlo Crivelli (1430/5–1494), The Annunciation with Saint Emidius,1486. (Courtesy National Gallery, London)

Carlo Crivelli (1430/5–1494), The Annunciation with Saint Emidius,1486. (Courtesy National Gallery, London)

Building the Picture
National Gallery
April 30 through September 2014

At the end of April, the National Gallery will present a new exhibit spotlighting the handling of architecture in various paintings by prominent Italian renaissance artists. Building The Picture will feature works by Duccio, Botticelli, Crivelli and others chosen from the museum’s permanent collection along with paintings gathered from other institutions in the U.K. These 14th, 15th, and 16th century images will be complemented by a series of five films that offer contemporary ideas on the theme of real and imagined architecture from Peter Zumthor, filmmaker Martha Fiennes, art historian T. J. Clark, film historian John David Rhodes, and computer game cinematic director Peter Gornstein.

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