There’s water flowing on Mars, and one day NASA could build this ice-covered human dwelling on the Red Planet

A transparent exterior ETFE membrane prevents the 3d printed ice shells from sublimating into the Martian atmosphere (Courtesy CloudsAO / SEArch)

With the recent discovery by NASA that water is flowing on Mars, the call for housing on on the red planet has never been more relevant. And right on time with the outpouring of interplanetary news, the “3D Printed Habitat Challenge for Mars” competition, sponsored by NASA and America Makes, has unveiled its winning designs.

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NASA crowdsourcing proposals for a built environment on Mars: Shelter, food, water, and communications systems needed


(Courtesy NASA)

NASA is on a mission to end our parasitic dependence on earthly resources with a planned hijack of Mars. Through the Journey to Mars challenge, NASA invites applicants to submit proposals for a built environment on the red planet that is conducive to long-term human habitation and sustenance.

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Is that Musk in the Air? Electric Car, Space Guru Has Plans For Texas

Eavesdroplet, Southwest
Monday, March 10, 2014
Diagram of the Tesla Model S showing its battery pack. (Courtesy Tesla Motors)

Diagram of the Tesla Model S showing its battery pack. (Courtesy Tesla Motors)

Speaking of rumors, Texas Monthly spread the word that Silicon Valley billionaire visionary Elon Musk may be locating facilities for two of his future-looking companies in the Lone Star State. Musk’s SpaceX has been buying up land in Cameron County in South Texas with the implicit purpose of building a space facility on the site to launch an expedition to Mars. In more terrestrial affairs, the South Africa native is also considering building a battery factory in the state for his electric car company, Tesla Motors.

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