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Thursday, February 5, 2015
mark mack

Mark Mack performs inside his mobile DJ booth at USC (Jennifer Siegal/OMD)

Last week, the courtyard of the University of Southern California (USC) architecture school served as a parking lot for two fascinating pieces of auto/architecture by architects Jennifer Siegal and Mark Mack. Siegal’s piece, Aero, is composed of a small Taylor-Dunn electric truck attached to an unfolding and cantilevered unit load device, wrapped with sail material, that can be used for meetings and even lodging. Mack’s, entitled S/LMP, combines a towing trailer with a DJ booth, a scissor lift, kitchen, and two shrink-wrapped clamshell covers that look like a giant takeout container.

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LA Story: The Many Lives of LA Architect Mark Mack

Eavesdroplet, West
Friday, December 14, 2012
Zoom Productions Sphere 2 offices by Mark Mack in Salzburg. (Courtesy Mark Mack)

Zoom Productions Sphere 2 offices by Mark Mack in Salzburg. (Courtesy Mark Mack)

LA architect Mark Mack has decided to take on several careers instead of the traditional single-job model. In addition to practicing architecture, he is now a screenwriter, chef, and DJ. He’s working on a screenplay about the early lives of Neutra and Schindler; he’s opening up a takeout restaurant focusing on small bites; and he’s spinning old and new songs on vinyl records. Surprised? Why? For all of us in LA it’s just a matter of time…


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