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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Sketch of Domus's yurt-like structure (M&A)

Sketch of Domus’s yurt-like structure (M&A)

Materials and Applications
1619 Silver Lake Blvd
Through Spring 2015

You can’t tell at first glance, but Silver Lake gallery Materials & Applications is measuring the ground shaking beneath your feet. Their newest installation, Domus, by D.V. Rogers, detects worldwide seismic activity measured by the US Geological Survey and reveals it with a 7-foot-tall, multi-colored LED “light chandelier” display and with pulsing sounds. All is encased inside a 20-foot-tall, six-sided “hexayurt” made with simple exterior insulation panels and filament tape. The installation will be up until next Spring.

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Metal In Bloom at M&A

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tomorrow LA gallery Materials and Applications will open the installation “Bloom,” a twisted sculpture (video of its installation above) whose metallic surface reacts to changes in temperature and sunlight. When the metal is cool, the surface looks like a solid object, but once heated the overlapping bi-metal panels (for you non techies, that’s panels made of two different types of metal pressed together) adjust and fan out to allow for air flow and increased shade. The best part is that if you’re lucky you can actually see, and hear, this change taking place. The structure, which rests on a steel frame in M&A’s courtyard, was designed by Doris Sung and Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter with Matthew Melnyk. The opening will take place from noon to five on Saturday.

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Origami On Steroids

Friday, March 12, 2010

Last night, thanks to our friends at deLab, we were lucky to check out one of the coolest paper structures ever assembled, called Fat Fringe. Hung from the ceiling of the new Fix Gallery in LA’s Pico Union, the die-cut canopy was put together by a team of loyal contributors who sliced, punched, and folded the structure (made up of 800 inter-connected origami-like components). The project was organized by LA gallery and arts incubator Materials and Applications, and was developed by designers Lisa Little and Emily White of the firm Layer. The wavy collection of white paper seems to morph into hundreds of fluttering shapes and it’s especially fun to see how light tries to make its way through, glowing, reflecting, and creating beams of light and mesmerizing shadows in the process. Layer will create another ambitious installation (this time made of more durable materials than paper ) for M+A’s outdoor courtyard this summer. Check out more pictures of Fat Fringe via deLab’s Marissa Gluck below: Read More

Als Well With Alsop

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Will Alsop with his new boss, Peter Morrison of RMJM. (Courtesy RMJM)

Will Alsop with his new boss, Peter Morrison of RMJM. (Courtesy RMJM)

As suspected, Will Alsop wasn’t out of the game for long. The foul-mouthed StirlingPrize winner announced less than two months ago that he was leaving Archial, né SMC, the British architectural conglomerate that had bought up his smallish practice but three years earlier. Now BD reports that Alsop has teamed up with RMJM, and he will launch an atelier within the international powerhouse based in Battersea called Will Alsop at RMJM. “I like the overall vision they have for the future and the fact that it’s really global,” Allsp told BD. “In Archial, the only international bit was me.” Read More

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