Joshua Zabel talks digital collaboration in facade design

The SFMOMA expansion features the first major use of FRP cladding on a multi-story building in North America. (Tom Paiva / Kreysler & Associates)

The SFMOMA expansion features the first major use of FRP cladding on a multi-story building in North America. (Tom Paiva / Kreysler & Associates)

Kreysler & Associates‘ Joshua Zabel knows more than a thing or two about collaborating with architects to produce complex facades. “On the design side, increasingly complex projects call for earlier and earlier involvement from us for material and fabrication input,” said Zabel. “With increasing frequency we’re being called on by architects to contribute during SD and DD phases.”

Zabel will share the fabricator’s perspective on teamwork in high performance envelope design and construction later this week at Facades+AM Seattle. His co-presenters on “Digital Collaborations: Applications, Realities and Opportunities in the Delivery of Complex Facades” include Jeffrey Vaglio (Enclos), David Sandinsky (NBBJ) and Marne Zahner (Magnusson Klemencic Associates).

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Dig Into Composites with Bill Kreysler at facades+PERFORMANCE on July 12th!

Thursday, July 4, 2013
(Courtesy Kreysler & Associates)

(Courtesy Kreysler & Associates)

Do you dare to get your hands dirty? If so, you won’t want to miss Kreysler & Associates‘ Bill Kreysler and Joshua Zabel as they lead the “Hands-On Composites” Technology Workshop at facades+PERFORMANCE on July 12th in San Francisco!

Since it’s founding in 1982 Kreysler & Associates has excelled as a leader in the development of molding and application of composites for construction and architectural uses.

In this very hands-on workshop Kreysler and Zabel will delve into an in-depth exploration of composite materials, which Bill Kreysler defines as “engineered or naturally occurring materials made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties which remain separate and distinct at the macroscopic or microscopic scale within the finished structure.” The full-day workshop will focus specifically on using composite materials in the creation of high-performance facade designs.

Participants will not only earn 8 LU AIA CE credits but they will also get the chance to design their very own FRP shapes and develop the creative and technical knowledge necessary to design and prototype composite based building components. Learn more about our workshops and register for our facades+ conference here!

PROFILE> Bill Kreysler Explores Composite Facades with Joshua Zabel

Fabrikator, Newsletter, West
Thursday, June 7, 2012
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Bill Kreysler of Kreysler and Associates. (Photo Jorgen Gulliksen)

Bill Kreysler of Kreysler and Associates. (Photo Jorgen Gulliksen)

Composite materials, a.k.a. “composites,” are the result of the two different materials being combined but remaining physically and chemically distinct. For over 40 years Bill Kreysler, founder of the Napa County-based Kreysler Associates, has been leading developments in molding and application of composites for architectural use. On July 27 Kreysler and his associate Joshua Zabel will lead a special workshop on how composites are used in facades today as part of the AN‘s upcoming conference Collaboration: the Art and Science of Building Facades, taking place July 26-27 in San Francisco.

After getting his start in manufacturing sailboats, Kreysler founded his own firm in 1982 and brought his knowledge of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) to bear on  architectural and industrial products as well as large scale sculpture (his workshop boasts three CNC-milling machines). Currently chair of the committee to write Guide Specifications and Recommended Practice for FRP Architectural Products and a founding member of the newly formed Digital Fabrication Alliance, Kreysler is also co-author of Composites, Surfaces, and Software High Performance Architecture with Greg Lynn.

Through lectures and a rare opportunity for hands-on learning, the upcoming July 27 workshop will provide participants with both the creative and technical knowledge to design and prototype composite based building components. Participants will also be eligible to compete in a limited competition to have a small component fabricated full-scale by Kreysler & Associates to be exhibited at ACADIA 2012, a conference on computer-aided design. To register for the Collaboration conference, click here.


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