Inwood Hill’s Land Artist Young Jee Passes Away.  The land art of Young Lee. Young Jee, the land artist who carved his work into earth of Inwood Hill has died, DNAinfo reports. Far from the galleries flanking the High Line, Jee’s quiet compositions served as an anecdote to high concept, in keeping with the park which is the largest natural tract of land in Manhattan. (Photo: Tom Stoelker / AN)


Circling Inwood Hill: the Unexpected Land Art of Young Jee

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The land art of Young Gee began appearing in Inwood Hill Park nearly a year ago.

The land art of Young Jee began appearing in Inwood Hill Park nearly a year ago. (Stoelker/AN)

The series of clean-lined circles carved into the earth at the top of Inwood Hill Park began appearing about a year ago. With fresh rainfall, they’d be gone. Their disappearance seemed almost as important as their appearance, calling attention to areas of the forest that park-goers might otherwise overlook. The circles appeared in snowfall, then melted away. The creator is Young Jee. Over the past year, Jee’s circles have become more elaborate, with textures made from wood chips, pine, and pebbles. Last Sunday, outlines of sticks were used and circles morphed into curvacious striations. Full vistas came into view.

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