With the holidays gone, we’re still ogling these six gingerbread houses by Seattle architects

Wednesday, January 7, 2015
“O Christmas Tree" by Skanska/David Mestl (Ariel Rosenstock)

“O Christmas Tree” by Skanska/David Mestl (Ariel Rosenstock)

It was the warmest December on record in Seattle, but that didn’t stop local architects from designing their annual round of gingerbread houses at Christmas. The 2014 theme, “Jingle All the Way,” was inspired by holiday songs, with donations raised during the event (as in years past) going to the JDRF Northwest Chapter.

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Iconic Art Museums Become Sugary Scale Models for Art Basel 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013
(Courtesy Henry Hargreaves)

Japan’s Karuizawa Museum rendered in chocolate by Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves. (Courtesy Henry Hargreaves)

For Miami Art Basel this year, food artist Caitlin Levin and photographer Henry Hargreaves teamed up to recreate some of the most architecturally masterful art museums of the world using a very sugary medium. In candy, chocolate, gingerbread, and icing, the New York City–based collaborative pair have molded and modeled highly detailed scale versions of six iconic art spaces. Photographed by Hargreaves in black and white, the dynamic chocolate angles of Yasui Hideo’s Karuizawa Museum and the sweeping icing curves of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim almost seem real.

From December 5 to 8—the duration of the annual international art show—the pictures will be exhibited at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Miami.

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Seattle’s Gingerbread Village Keeps Holidays Alive

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Hey Diddle Diddle: Weber Thompson, David Mestl (Ariel Rosenstock)

Hey Diddle Diddle: Weber Thompson, David Mestl (Ariel Rosenstock)

In case you still can’t let go of the holidays (we know, it’s not easy), take a look back at Seattle’s 21st annual gingerbread festival, which just closed at the city’s downtown Sheraton Hotel. Six local architecture firms partnered with the hotel’s culinary team to produce a dizzying array of giant candy-fied creations to benefit the the Northwest chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The theme this year was nursery rhymes, officially dubbed, “There’s a Rhyme and a Reason this Holiday Season”. (In case you missed it, last year’s theme was fairy tales.)

Among the highlights: a cow jumps over a moon above a whimsical winter village built from sweets and icing in “Hey Diddle Diddle” by firm Weber Thompson; an almost four-foot tall ship of gingerbread with marshmallow-like sails filled with marzipan sailors, white mice and a duck captain depict the plot from the rhyme “I Saw a Ship A-Sailing” by 4D Architects, Inc; and Jack and the beanstalk hover over the lower Queen Anne Seattle neighborhood–Space Needle and all (by Callison).

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