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Thursday, May 20, 2010

View from 450 Architects' Sausalito Residence

The houses showcased in this year’s AIA SF Home Tours in Marin County have a common theme in their responsive attitude to the landscape; permeable skins allowing a transparent transition between interior and exterior, embedding into their sites, and visually enlarging the volume of their comparatively modest footprints on steeply situated hillside lots. Each of the homes have unassuming public facades, displaying a circumspect propriety among its neighbors. The architecture of these residences say as much about their setting as the spaces inside. Read More

AIA SF Marin Home Tours: Sneak Preview

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the 1960 home designed by Daniel Liebermann and renovated by Vivian Dwyer, time stands still.

This year the AIA SF is debuting a second home tour, up in Marin,  in addition to its popular home tour in San Francisco happening later on in September. Smart move: there’s some great architecture going on in this area just north of the city–the area is so close, yet a world away. Freed from the strictures of squeezing in between row houses, and surrounded by bucolic landscapes and bay views, architects have come up with some lovely examples of contemporary living.

The one-day tour on May 15 offers a look at five homes. But the one that is a definite “can’t miss” is architect Daniel Liebermann’s first home, which he built in 1960.   Read More

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