Veuve Over For Eavesdrop: AN Hits Chicago Gallery Week

Eavesdroplet, Midwest
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
(Kevin Gebhardt / Flickr; Montage by AN)

(Kevin Gebhardt / Flickr; Montage by AN)

Y’all remember poor old Art Chicago? Remember when we captured, in this very column, the life mimics performance art of young show-goers eating leftover pizza from the garbage? This city has struggled for years to create a world-class contemporary art show, but hopefully our highfalutin luck is about to change with the second annual Expo Chicago, opening on September 19. A few weeks ago, Bottega Veneta with the fancy PR-folks of Skoog Productions, threw a party for the host committee of Gallery Weekend (GW), which runs concurrently with Expo. Eaves isn’t exactly sure what GW is, but that’s probably because our annual art budget is only in the three figures. I think it’s for trying to convince out of town rich folks that we’re the Miami of the Midwest.

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