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Letter to the Editor, West
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
"The Groove," Bangkok, Synthesis Design + Architecture. (Courtesy SDA)

“The Groove,” Bangkok, Synthesis Design + Architecture. (Courtesy SDA)

[ Editor’s Note: The following are reader-submitted responses in reference to Sam Lubell’s editorial “Export Issues” (AN10_11.27.2013_West), in which Lubell argued that the U.S. is experiencing an architectural “brain drain” with all of the best talent and the best projects now going to Asia. Opinions expressed in letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the opinions or sentiments of the newspaper. AN welcomes reader letters, which could appear in our regional print editions. To share your opinion, please email editor@archpaper.com]

This is one of the most poorly reasoned pieces I’ve ever read. When opportunities arise these firms will once again design for the U.S. in a snap. But in the meantime they are prospering, keeping their U.S. workers employed, and in essence “exporting” an American product—nothing wrong with any of that.

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Review> LOT-EK Designs the Exhibition, Erasmus Effect, On the Past and Future of Italian Architecture

International, On View
Friday, December 6, 2013
(Cecilia Florenza)

(Cecilia Florenza)

The Erasmus Effect: Italian Architect’s Abroad
MAXXI Museum
Rome, Italy
Through April 6, 2014

The architecture and urbanism of Italy has long been an inspiration to architects from other parts of the world. From the grand tours of Lord Burlington and Thomas Jefferson to the establishment of the American, French, and British Academies, Robert Venturi’s lessons learned from Rome, and the enormous influence of Manfredo Tafuri, Italy has been important to how we view architecture and livable cities. But now an exhibition, The Erasmus Effect: Italian Architect’s Abroad, opening today at Rome’s MAXXI Museum details how the world is enriched when Italian born and educated architects emigrate and find success abroad.

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