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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Museo Soumaya by FREE to be a case study in Revit Parametric Facades workshop.

Museo Soumaya by FREE to be a case study in Revit Parametric Facades workshop.

Alphonso Peluso, Director of Digital Architecture + Fabrication at the Illinois Institute of Technology, is on a mission to max out Revit. His workshop, “Revit Parametric Facade Design,” on October 12 offers participants a hands-on lab for exploring how the program can help produce the most complex building skins. “It’s a unique opportunity to experiment in one session with all the different tools Revit has for creating parametric facades,” said Peluso. The event is part of Collaboration: The Art and Science of Building Facades, the Chicago edition of the Architect’s Newspaper‘s conference taking place October 11 and 12.

Using a series of tutorials Peluso will begin by looking at basic curtain wall creation through deploying system families and also making custom parametric families. Next up: mining the Conceptual Massing interface that yields complex parametric facade forms. Then on to pattern, from basic to advanced and responsive. Finally, Revit’s Adaptive Component families will be explored for the creation of  “one off ” building components. “The participant will walk away with the knowledge of which tool is most appropriate for the different types of facades they are designing,” said Peluso.

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