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ON THE ROAD / AMADO @ SATURMINO, PALM SPRINGS, CA / 20140222 – 20140223 /

With winter set in elsewhere, On the Road is heading 107 miles East of downtown Los Angeles to Palm Springs for a holiday weekend getaway! Our next program will be located poolside at The Amado in Central Palm Springs during Modernism Week. In Southern California the pool is a pervasive element in the landscape. From Hockney’s Paper Pools to Ruscha’s Nine Swimming Pools, the pool is a site of activation. From projective futures to atmospheres and the sensual, the pleasurable environment has elicited both distinct individual and combinatory design directives. The pool and its surrounding environment has become a pleasure ground of sorts including a spot for both relaxation and leisure.

Swimming, floating, sinking, or hovering on the surface, The Amado pool in Palm Springs will host a series of three spatial installations that consider the liquid space of the respective site. Synchronized or drifting, each pool will be a thoroughly curated installation around various ideas and themes developed and deployed by a group of LA-based architects, artists, and designers. The individual pools will inform specific locales by engaging the vernacular of desert oasis through their collaboration that is both transformative and reinforces the notion of pleasure.

Installations curated and designed by Maura Lucking and David Freeland, respectively, will feature Matthew Sullivan, Kathryn Shehan, Folkert Gorter; Terry Chatkupt, Mark Lyons, and Peter Vikar.

Participants for the Open Pool installation include Matt Austin, Sarah Blahut, Berenika Boberska, Steven Christensen, Jonathan Crisman, Jia Gu, Kim Lagercrantz, Lisa Madonna, Alex Maymind, Cat Pham, Sille Pihlak, Ben Warwas, and Kainoa Westernmark.

Artists Bryne Rasmussen-Smith, Jaime Kowal, and Maya Santos of FORM follows FUNCTION will capture and ultimately tell the story of the three installations and activities through photographs and video projects.


Saturday / 20140222 / 10-2pm
In, On, and Around (Floating Vibes) / Maura Lucking et al.

Saturday / 2014022 / 4-8pm
Deep End / David Freeland et al.

Sunday / 20140223 / 10-2pm
Open Waters / Open Pool participants


1. A yearlong series of architecture, art, and design programs intended to frame a moment in time within the contemporary context of the city of Los Angeles. Each program will take place at a distinct venue throughout the city.

2. A vehicle for advancing the positions of young architects, artists, and designers, and at times blurring their distinctions and encouraging them to carpool.

3. An extension of the rich history of experimentation in Los Angeles for artists and architects alike, with a focus on exploiting potentialities within current lines of investigation and processes.

4. A platform for new ways of thinking and making in Los Angeles that engages both a discipline and culture with contemporary ideas about architecture, design, and art.

5. A movement in direction with a conversive group of colleagues; acknowledging that there are shared interests and overlaps, but also distinct personalities and pursuits. The series is invested in dialogues.

While history does not authorize the work, nor do we intend to live in the past, On the Road acknowledges Thom Mayne’s series of 10 exhibitions at “Architecture Gallery” in 1979, The Charlottesville Tapes conference and the founding of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 1982, as important and influencing projects that have propelled us to want to go On the Road.

Organized by Danielle Rago / Curator, Courtney Coffman / Editor, Jonathan Louie / Protagonist, and James Michael Tate / Instigator. For inquiries, please contact ontheroadprojectla@gmail.com.


Event Details:

  • When: 

    Saturday, February 22, 2014
    10:00 am

  • Where: 

    The Amado
    1821 E Amado Rd
    Palm Springs, California

  • More information: 

    Event website.

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