NYLON Studio – AA Visiting School

This studio is located in both New York and London, two western heavy-weights: over-developed and architecturally conservative, with construction industries encumbered by red tape and archaic practices.  Are we living through the swan song of these great cities or does the strength of their global alliance render them unassailable? Historically entangled by invisible threads of culture, commerce and diplomacy, we argue that the continuing success of these ‘world cities’ is less a product of ubiquitous connectivity in all directions than due to the special corridor between them.

Students will conduct individual research into one of the many existing strands – art, politics, finance, fashion, history – that connect and divide the two cities. Research projects will aim to take a clear political stance.  We will unveil the two cities’ uncanny similarities (their shared language and aspirations) with overwhelming differences (London‘ s obsessively picturesque town-planning versus New York’s relentlessly pragmatic urbanism).

The course will be structured into two intensive sessions – one week in New York and one week in London.  Individuals or small groups of students will each research a single strand of interest that ties the two cities together and propose portable architectural devices, capable of being translocated from one city to the other.  These devices will either enhance or resist the corridor that they are researching and contribute to a final large, experimental, analytic drawing that condenses the research gathered over the two weeks and encapsulates aspects of this special relationship.

Research will be both fully immersive and academic.  Students will be expected to enjoy the rich and heady experiences of these two incredible cities to the full and incorporate these into their research agenda and their design proposals.

A lecture series, to include leaders in architectural thought from both countries, will supplement the course.



Event Details:

  • When: 

    Monday, July 21, 2014

  • Where: 

    Arhictectural Association
    36 Bedford Square, Bloomsbury
    London, United Kingdom

  • More information: 

    Event website.

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