Brain and the Bedroom: The Effects of Pornography

Panel Including:
Sarah Forbes
Cindy Gallop
Dan Reilly
Madison Young

Where does the responsibility of the pornographer lie?

With the media’s insistence that adult entertainment is becoming “mainstream,” studies showing young people accessing porn at earlier ages than ever before, and sexually explicit materials increasingly easy to access, questions begin to arise. Is “porn addiction” a serious problem or a conservative bugaboo? Are sexual behaviors changing with the prevalence of pornography, or are things the same as always, just with more access to camera phones? Studies abound, but reliable statistical information on the impact of pornography on our brains and bedrooms is hard to pin down; theories fly from every moral and political corner, conflating fears and hopes with reality.

Lynsey G., porn critic and curator of the current exhibition Consent, moderates an evening of discussion of these important issues. The panel discussion between porn and s e x aficionados Cindy Gallop(founder of, Sarah Forbes (curator of the Museum of S e x), Dan Reilly (former adult producer and screenwriter), and Madison Young (artist, feminist, adult performer, and director) will focus on pornography’s impact by examining the medium’s role as education versus entertainment; the responsibility, or lack thereof, of the porn industry to consumers; and social, economic, and ethical sustainability in the industry’s future. Bring an open mind and your own questions!

In conjunction with the current exhibition Consent, curated by Lynsey G.


Event Details:

  • When: 

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012
    6:30 p.m.

  • Where: 

    Apex Art
    291 Church Street, New York, NY 1001
    New York, NY

  • More information: 

    Event website.

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