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The Urban Art Museum is not a building, it is a museum without walls. The artwork of the Urban Art Museum is scattered throughout the built environment, and is designed to strengthen the identity of the local community and to bring a greater sense of ownership and awareness of the built environment that we live, work and play in.

The Need:

Don’t take our word for it, hear the youth from the Parramore community talk about the importance of public fine art and the change that you could help make.

The Community:

Unlike downtown Orlando, Parramore is a community with few landmarks, icons or public fine art. The strength in the community is its unique culture which is in danger of being destroyed. Parramore was established in 1880 and it is the historical hub of Orlando’s African-American community. Blight, crime and poverty have ravaged the very core of the community. Despite the recent flurry of public works projects and the construction of over a billion dollars worth of cultural institutions and several public/private art initiatives, Parramore is continually neglected due to the fact that it resides on the wrong side of Division Avenue.

The artist chosen by the Urban Art Museum Committee will work with the local community to develop a vision for the public art. Additionally the artist will host a workshop with the children of the New Image Youth Center and will use the artwork generated by this workshop in the final installation.


Submissions must respond to the following poem which was written by an anonymous student of the Parramore community.

My Way

Life has its ups and downs!!

But its up to you to find your way.

Peer pressure, excuses and low self-esteem are never okay.

Work hard at your dreams because they won’t just appear.

It’s up to you to realize that success is almost near.

So when you think about giving up, but it in the back of your mind you hear,

Success is a mile away so get your car in gear!

Please note that the commissioning jury will work with the artist to facilitate the fabrication process as well as organizing the workshop between the winning artist and the New Youth Image Center. It is expected that the constructed installation will vary from the winning proposal.

The Site:

The location of the installation will be the new home of the New Image Youth Center. The address is 220 South Parramore Ave, Orlando, Florida.

The Prizes:

All Entries – will be featured on the Urban Art Museum website.

Honorable Mentions – 10% of the entries will be selected to represent the submissions that we feel should be immortalized in an official pamphlet that will be published by Process Press to commemorate the event.

Three Finalist – and their works will be showcased on the Urban Art Museum website, Facebook page and a number of media outlets. From the three finalist, the community will vote to select the winning artist.

The Winner – one artist will be selected to work with the Urban Art Museum jury to develop a public fine art installation that can be constructed for the budget which will be determined based upon donations. The budget will range from $8,000-$20,000, depending on the entry and donations. Please note that additional funds raised will be used for permitting, fabrication of the UAM plaque, accommodations for the artist and facilitating the workshop with the New Image Youth Center.

Submission Requirements & Entry Fee:

1. Please submit a (maximum) 500 word narrative and a one page bio/c.v. of the artist in Microsoft Word .doc file format. Download Template

2. Please submit no more that two 11×17 jpeg images at 72 dpi, RGB. Images shall not exceed 2mb. At least one of the images must be a rendering of the installation overlayed on the following photograph.

3. Please name your files according to the following naming conventions: lastname-firstname-1.jpg, lastname-firstname-2.jpg, lastname-firstname.doc

4. An Entry Fee of $50.00 must be paid at the time of submission. The entry fee is reduced to $35.00 for students. This fee will go towards the construction and associated fees outlined above.

Who is Eligible?

The founders of the Urban Art Museum and employees of their respective businesses, and each of their affiliates, subsidiaries and agents, and their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of where they live) or persons living in the same households of such individuals, whether or not related, are not eligible to enter or win a prize. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age as of the date of entry.


All entries will be reviewed. Scores will be assigned to each entry and jury criticism will be noted for each entry and reported back to each entrant.

Overall Design Quality – 50 points – the Urban Art Museum is seeking to construct a timeless and iconic piece of public fine art for the Parramore community. We are searching for proposals that will inspire the residents and youth of the Parramore community for many generations to come.

Constructability – 15 points – although the selected artist will work with the fabricators, artist and architects of the Urban Art Museum to develop a piece that can withstand the unique environment of Florida, we are looking for creative solutions that make use of new materials and techniques that would lead to a solution that is both beautiful in form and structure.

Response to Theme – 25 points – As noted above, the community of Parramore is riddled with crime, poverty and a lack of environmental identity. The art piece should represent or respond to the poem written by the anonymous student of the community.

Legibility of the Theme – 10 points – although we are fans of abstract and contemporary art (as evident in our first art piece commissioned), it is very important that the final art installation be legible to the Parramore community. When designing your entry ask your self the following question: Can a child understand this?


Competition Begins February 26th

Submissions Due April 1st (midnight pst)

Three Finalist Notified April 15th

Finalist Selected April 29th

Installation Party June 11th (subject to change depending on permitting/fabrication timeline)

Competition website: Visit website
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