The Animal House Competition

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.

The 2014 Animal House Competition

This is an ideas-based competition in which entrants are asked to design a ‘house’ for a domestic animal of their choice. The program’s intent is for each participant to develop a contemporary shelter design addressing spatial requirements of non-human species in a fresh & appealing way.

Each entry should speak to the requirements of the animal it is being de- signed for. There are no real limitations on what type of animal this is, ex- cept that the animal must be domesticated. It is up to the designer to determine not only what the immediate shelter for the animal is, but also the specific context they choose to design the shelter within. Is the inhabi- tation designed on an urban rooftop, in a traditional kitchen, in an open backyard, on a desk?

The designer must understand the animal they design around and develop contemporary solutions for its new home. Design forms that break the mold of what society may have previously deemed as ‘typical’ for such enclo- sures will be highly valued by the jury. An emphasis on unique fabrication methods or sustainable design may also allow an entry to stand out.

What does the animal require in terms of space? There should be a clear formal design concept that accommodates the chosen animal’s spatial requirements for multiple activities as applicable (ie. sleeping, sitting, stand- ing, etc.). How is the scale of an animal’s enclosure related or unrelated to that of a human’s house?

The 2014 Animal House Competition is meant to provide a vehicle for Emerging Professionals across New York State to develop their voices in a unique and challenging design endeavor.

Entrants must be residents of New York State and qualify as “Emerging Professionals” – Students or Graduates 10 years or less removed from school at
the time of the Competition Opening.

First Place $1,000
Second Place $500
Third Place $250

Prizes sponsored by AIA Buffalo/WNY.

Honorable Mentions will be distributed based upon merit at the discretion of the Design Jury.

Top Prize Winners will be showcased in Press Releases, AIA Digital Newsletters (locally & state-wide), on the AIA Buffalo/WNY website, on the AIA BEP website, and other varieties of Social Media.

All entries will receive recognition on the AIA BEP website in an online gallery at the end of the competition. Select entry boards will be displayed at a Gallery Exhibition in Spring 2014 in Buffalo, NY.

AIA Members $25
Non-AIA Members $35
Students/Volunteers $20
AIAS Members No Fee

All proceeds (less incidental administrative costs) will be donated to Buffalo Humane in support of their efforts to provide shelter and homes for various animals across West- ern New York.

See Entry Form for further requirements.

Entry fees are non-refundable. Please make checks or money orders out to
Buffalo Architecture Foundation.

Competition Opens Nov 21 2013
Submissions Due Mar 21 2014
Jury Deliberation Apr 2014
Winners Notified Apr 2014
Gallery Exhibition Spring 2014

For more information regarding the competition, entry requirements, rules, regulations, & selection criteria, please visit


Each entry submission must include the following exactly in order to be
considered by the jury.

The primary deliverable for the competition is your Design Board. It must
be 24”x36” vertically-oriented, matte-finished, and mounted to 3/16” or
1/4” foam core or equivalent. The boards must convey all intended design concepts through any drawing types the entrants choose, however, there must be at least one rendering showcasing the overall design (preferably in context with the animal it is meant for).

Please provide all of the following in a separate 9”x12” unmarked envelope taped to the rear of the presentation board.

Project Narrative
A 250 word or less description of your submission including all pertinent information related to the animal your shelter is intended for, the concept for its formal design, and additional features that may cause your project to stand out.

CD Containing above & Digital Images from Design Board
All entry materials must be saved digitally to an unmarked CD at 300dpi resolution (jpg or tif format only) including the Design Board and several individual images from the board itself. Please only label the files with generic names as listed below:
“Project Narrative” “Design Board” “Image 01”

Concealed Entry Form
The entry form must be filled out in its entirety and be included in the unmarked envelope. NOTE: This is the ONLY place that identification marks for entrants should be indicated on any of the materials submit- ted for the competition. All other materials submitted should omit all identifying marks. Numbers will be associated with submission entries upon arrival to the delivery address below.

Non-Refundable Entry Fee
Please make out all checks or money orders to;
Buffalo Architecture Foundation.

All deliverables shall be wrapped in brown craft paper & delivered to:

Attn: Manuel Rivera, AIA HHL Architects
172 Allen St
Buffalo, NY 14201

*All submissions entries MUST arrive on or before Friday March 21, 2014. The submission deadline date will be strictly observed; no exceptions will be made.

Submission entries may be delivered anytime between November 21, 2013 and March 21, 2014. An email confirmation will be sent to all entrants at the close of the competition verifying their submission was received, however, it is strongly recommended that entrants use alternate package arrival verification methods to ensure proper delivery as well.

All submission entries must contain original content only and must be sub- mitted without identifying marks, including logos, texts, insignia, or images on the display surface that could be used to identify the submission’s author(s). The AIA will use all information submitted to display in exhibitions and publications to promote the competition.

All designs will be judged based on the following criteria:

LIVABILITY | Has the design entry met the needs and requirements of the animal for which the entry has been designed?

CLARITY | Does the entry have clear, concise, and appropriate design methodology and form that compliments the design intent? Aesthetic appeal of the formal design will also factor into jury deliberation.

CONSTRUCTABILITY | Could this house actually be built? Are the fabrication methods creatively executed in the design to reinforce the overall concepts of the shelter? Although not confirmed, the first prize winner’s Animal House may be constructed dependent upon several factors including structural clarity.

REPRESENTATION | High-quality representation that showcases strong and captivating design identity will be sought after during jury deliberation. Whether utilizing hand-drawn or computer graphic methods, the designer’s craft must be maintained at an exceptional level.

Emphasis on other considerations such as sustainability, estimated cost of construction, and animal selection are also left up to the discretion of the entrant, but will factor into the jury’s evaluation of each entry.

Entrants are given wide latitude in determining the form, function, and style of their designs.

Decisions of the Jury are Final.

Members of the Jury have been selected from several diverse professional
& institutional organizations throughout the Western New York area to best facilitate objective judgment of the competition entries.

Michael LaValley, Assoc. AIA, LEED® AP
Co-Founder/Co-Chair | AIA Buffalo Emerging Professionals
Board Member | AIA Buffalo/WNY
Project Manager/Designer | Chaintreuil Jensen Stark Architects

Michael Anderson, AIA, LEED® AP
2014 Secretary | AIA Buffalo/WNY
Architect | Architectural Resources

Anne E. Dafchik, AIA, LEED® AP, NCARB
Education Coordinator | AIA Buffalo Emerging Professionals
Architect | Kideney Architects

Kevin M. Mahoney
2013 President | Buffalo Architecture Foundation
Sr. Vice President/Partner | Baer & Associates

Joyce Hwang, AIA, NCARB
Assoc. Professor/Director of Professional Studies | University at Buffalo SA&P
Director | Ants of the Prairie

Carol Tutzauer
President | Buffalo Humane
Social & Behavioral Research Scientist | University at Buffalo

Clara Miller
Vice President of Communications | Buffalo Humane
Assist. Manager/IT Support/Campus Dining & Shops | University at Buffalo


1. Entrants give AIA Buffalo/WNY and AIA BEP permission to reproduce their submission without restriction.

2. No royalties shall be payable by AIA BEP or any other sponsors for use of the submission entry materials.

3. Entrants verify that all information provided in the Concealed Entry Form is true and their submission is subject to disqualification in the event that it is found that any information has been falsified.

4. Entrants affirm that they are sole owner of the materials identified in the Animal House Competition entry, that each submitted entry is an original work, and that neither these materials nor the permission granted hereby infringes upon the ownership, copyright, trademark, or rights of others.

5. All deliverables become property of AIA Buffalo Emerging Professionals.

6. Entries shall not have been previously published in any competition publication, whether printed, online, or otherwise.

7. Entries shall not have been selected as a finalist, winner, honorable mention, etc. in any other competition.

8. If the design is submitted from a team of people, all team members must
be identified on the concealed entry form.

9. All entries must be submitted without identifying marks, including logos, texts, insignia, or images on the display surface that could be used to identify the submission’s author(s).

10. For jurying purposes, each design is considered as a separate entry and a separate entry fee must be paid for each. Multiple designs will not be considered as a single entry.

11. Entrants are not allowed to discuss details of their competition designs and/or entries with any of the judges directly whatsoever. Any attempt to do so will result in immediate disqualification.

12. Any deviation from competition rules may result in automatic disqualification at the discretion of the jury.

Competition website: Visit website
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