Tech City Organic Skyscraper

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.
The program challenges participants to design or present a fresh concept for an Organic Skyscraper – a skyscraper that ‘grows when required’.
The skyscraper will serve as a Tech City (technology and digital media centered companies) within the area. The design proposal should be one whose topology allows for the possibility to grow as the need for more space becomes necessary in the future to counter today’s ever-increasing number of city commercial skyscrapers which are under utilised or sparsely rented out or empty floors.  This has sometimes been due to the trend for commissioning and constructing unnecessarily high skyscrapers with low-density use or occupancy in major cities.
The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging, explore and investigate the possibilities for urban skyscrapers that presents the possibility to increase useable space vertically and horizontally as the need arises or even to shrink where there is space or height surplus to requirement for a number of reasons.It should also to maximise the positive impact of such a vertical structures whist minimising the negative.


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