Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design 2014

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DEADLINE: Monday, October 6, 2014.

‘Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design’ has encouraged architecture students in creative architecture designs, while providing them with an arena for productive exchanges among them. In short, the prize has served to cultivate the soil for future architecture in Korea, Before it, the ‘Space Prize’ had celebrated excellent art and music works, and beginning from 1983, it was expanded to cover the discipline of architecture design.

‘Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design’ which is being established as gateway to success for architecture students has also contributed to consolidation of the cultural soil for the Korean architecture by suggesting such themes as honor the tradition and Zeitgeist of the Korean culture.

Since its 16th competition in 1998, the prize has allowed the new media or the computer graphics being used world-wide to be applied to creation of the entry works, while promoting the exchanges between architecture students and those majoring in other disciplines.

In particular, since 2001, the prize has been expanded to allow international architecture students to participate in the competition only to attract more attention from the international architecture community. Now, it is believed that the prize plays a key role in identifying talented future architects abroad as well as in Korea.

DEADLINE: Monday, October 6, 2014.
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