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DEADLINE: Monday, October 6, 2014.
Project – DMZ Observation Platform for Peace
The designated project has been given as the ‘DMZ Observation Platform for Peace’. Students must propose an Observation Platform to ease and facilitate reconciliation on the site of the Demilitarized Zone of the Korea Peninsula. The view seen from the observation platform is subject to the student’s choice, and three or more platform spaces must exist. Students must personally hypothesize what can be experienced, observed and contemplated for peace in an area of such heightened ideological conflict. The concept of the platform may be physical or conceptual.
One must be able to have a circulation and system experience on the Observation Platform, and the proposal must include a programme in which the dynamism of change towards peace can accumulate. The process of interpreting the subject matter, and the process of experiencing the suggested space, will take place through the construction of an ‘Observation Platform for Peace’ expressed through the proposed architectural structure and system.
The location can be flexibly designated to suit the concepts drafted by students, as long as it lies within the DMZ which is designated at 2km from north to south, and 250km from east to west. The size of the Observation Platform can be flexibly set from small to large scale areas within 30 minute walking distance, including horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, whirlwind, free lines and including any linear movement of any form. A future oriented and creative Observation Platform for world peace must be proposed, and in the case that many individual platforms are proposed, each artifact must adhere to architectural conditions that can be applied to the site.
The DMZ is a land torn apart by the ravages of war, a conflict that occurred due to ideological clashes. As a land devoid of culture and civilization for the past sixty years, it is a site which must regain its closeness to humanity in preparation for a peaceful reunification. A multitude of approaches can be employed. Socio-cultural approaches can interpret the site by reiterating the relationship between site-specific, temporal and human conditions; ‘poetic’ descriptions can be used as an approach to sublimate the essence of peace into architectural language through psychological approaches; a platform focusing on the socio-economic values can also be employed, across a variety of perspectives. On the other hand, there is the method of ‘greening’ through green technology. As a synthesis of green technology and architecture, a platform may be constructed as a base aiming towards ‘green détente’ to cease the political, social and economic relations of the cold war while resolving economic and environmental problems. The Observation Platform must become a dynamic space in which ‘the spirit of peace’ can repeat a cycle of accumulation and creation, to encompass politics, ideology, economics, the environment, ecology and religion.

DEADLINE: Monday, October 6, 2014.
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