Shht#3 – Architecture and Conflict

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The cultural association Shht! is launching a call for papers, photo reportages, drawings, case studies of buildings, projects or any other creative input regarding the following topic: Architecture and Conflict: in which  ways do war and guerrilla warfare influence and change cities?

Send us an abstract of 400 characters addressing a topic of your choice, and it could be included as an article appearing in Shht#3. Topics are open but not limited to:

  • How does the management of a city change under a siege?
  • Bridges, routes, highways and walls during peacetime and during wartime.
  • The relationship between a bombed city and its citizens. In current times, does the destruction of a city also entail the destruction of its civilization?
  • Changes to urban geography for those who loose and for those who win: who is a winner in a divided city?
  • Attempts to defend past conflict through memory or minimalise its traces: how do cities overcome the war? What memorials, monuments, etc. are built in cities and why?
  • How can architecture support new balances or new divisions?
  • Red Zone and Green Zone: what are they, what is their aim, why and where are they constructed, do they fulfill the goal for which they were created?
  • Urban guerrilla: how city planning influences the paths of protesters and their actions? How can a citizen have an effect on urban spaces? How can they express social discontent and dischord? Can architecture sustain or delimit the guerrilla?

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