Shelter International Architectural Design Competition

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
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Please re-consider the meaning of shelter.

When we hear the word ‘shelter’ we think of something like a tent, a mountain shed, an air-raid shelter, or a nuclear shelter. A shelter is architecture that is made for a very simple purpose – to protect human beings from harsh nature and from our enemies. While we are there we are protected from storm & rain, wild animals and missiles, and our peace of mind is secure. It is a place of security and safety. However, we become uncomfortable and weary if we stay too long in such a safe & secure space. Human beings have an urge to communicate with eachother, and with nature, even though nature is unstable and sometimes threatening, andinteraction with others can sometimes be rather tiring.

If the conventional idea of a shelter is a place that protects us from nature and enemies, what new type of shelter might we need in the future? In what ways would a re-considered shelter be different from the conventional idea of a shelter, and in what ways would it be the same? The size and structure of your shelter can be freely decided, and you can locate it in a city or in the wild, but you must clearly describe its context and the ways in which it is used. You must re-consider the purpose of a shelter.


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