PINarchitecture /// February Brief : The Sinking Floor

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PINarchitecture is a monthly micro-competition for designers who have a desire to exercise design skills and share original ideas. Submissions are both small and digital to give busy designers an opportunity to participate without the time commitment of a standard competition. There is no fee to participate and no eligibility requirements.

February 2014 /// The Sinking Floor

Sea levels are rising globally, both incrementally and in bursts. The areas most vulnerable to flooding are also some of the most densely populated in the world. As oceans rise, building owners will not willingly abandon their valuable waterfront properties. In the absence of large municipal solutions, such as levees and sea walls, how might an individual property be retrofitted for continued use? When the ground floor is surrounded by seawater, how is it kept dry and occupiable? How is the experience and utility of a space enhanced by being plunged underwater? What happens when a floor sinks?

Participants are asked to design a retrofit for a single building where the sea level has risen above the ground floor. Submissions may be technical, conceptual, practical, and/or artistic.

Submission Details :
Any media and text contained within a 4 inch diameter circle with white beyond.  Submissions must be 300dpi JPGs and sent to include your name, city, state, and country in the e-mail. There is no fee to enter. International entries are welcome.  Submissions will be judged by a jury of three designers. The first place winner will receive a poster containing the top 10 submissions of the month and will have the option to be a juror for next month’s competition.

Schedule :
FEB 3 : Competition Brief Posted
FEB 25 : Submission Due
FEB 28 : Winners Announced

Contact :
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