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What’s next?

Architects, artists, urban planners, engineers, designers, students and creative individuals are challenged to envision the Next- by conceiving of a proposed [set of] condition(s) which is( are) fundamentally different from the present. The future is going to be different. How so, for this competition, is completely plastic and up to individual entries to decide and define.

Each entry should specify at least one MAJOR difference that makes the future in which the competition is set, unique from the present day. This condition should be understood to fundamentally alter what and how everything is.

We at ARCH2O put forth that sustainable approaches incorporate parametric techniques, a reexamination of the analogue, as well as forward-looking technologies. We also put forth that entrants must decide for themselves what sustainability means in, and for their futures. Entrants should consider that the time-frame for the competition is set at an undetermined point in the future, so restrictions set on current technologies may not exist. Cars may fly, fusion might work, things may be roughly the same, save for one or two defining features. Things may be better or worse. These prospective possibilities should be considered and incorporated into entries.

The competition will encompass two categories: Architecture & Design.

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