Master and Protégé Design Contest: Inspiration and Empowerment

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.

This initiative provides designers with the unique opportunity to demonstrate the transformation of the ugliness of debris into beautiful wearable art, while at the same time, giving designers the opportunity to inspire and empower underprivileged women. Each designer will reach out to a woman in need – a friend, an ex-convict, or anyone else who could benefit from inspiration and empowerment – and they will each create an Origomu design of their own. Both designs will be submitted to the contest, allowing the “Master” and the “Protégé” to engage in this powerful movement of social transformation.

At the end of the contest, each Master and Protégé design will be put on display for public viewing in an art gallery. A panel of curators will judge the collection, and the creators of the winning designs will be awarded cash prizes – 1st prize US$4,000, 2nd price US$2000, and 3rd Prize US$1000. Pieces will be judged on wearabilty, originality, and how the designer inspired their Protégé.

The primary material that should be used for this contest should be recycled six-pack plastics; however you can also use any other plastic material that is harmful to the environment.

Participating Protégés will have a valuable chance to develop their artwear design skills under the guidance of an experienced designer. In order to qualify, each designer must partner with an underprivileged woman, and create artwear designs together using recycled six-pack rings. That will allow the contest to have the most positive impact on the community.

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