Ideas for Prishtina/The Award for Urbanism “Rexhep Luci”

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
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Haven’t you all, at least once, imagined a different or better city of Prishtina? Haven’t you ever thought of any tiny or big change that would ease and improve the way we use and experience our city? If you were given the power to change Prishtina, what would you do to make it safer, more beautiful, usable, livable and user-friendly? Well, here you have the chance to share your ideas and turn the city around! Someday, the Municipality of Prishtina might realize them!

Kosovo Architecture Foundation (KAF) and the Municipality of Prishtina are organizing this Design Contest “Ideas for Prishtina”, aiming to collect citizens’ proposals on shaping their living environments. Since the city of Prishtina is experiencing constant transformations, we want to focus on generating community-based designs and visions on improving or transforming public spaces and their neighborhoods. These proposals could vary from sidewalks, crossroads, city lights, billboards, building facades, storefronts, rooftops, passages, tunnels, parks and other green areas, fountains, squares, markets, information points, pavilions, new public buildings, or even utopic urban solutions.

Everyone, either being a devoted residents or just visitors in Prishtina, of any age, nationality, or professional background, are invited to share their ideas. You can participate in this Design Contest either individually or in groups with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family members. The scope of your proposed interventions may vary from small to utopic ones. You are totally free to express yourselves either by architectural and urban designs, or art works, photos, videos, texts, etc. All you need to do in your designs is specify the exact location of your proposed intervention, and explain how your idea would improve the city and help the citizens.

The Municipality of Prishtina will be awarding the best proposal will the Rexhep LuciAward that also includes a prize in money (1000 euros), while the most feasible projects might be realized by the Municipality.

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