House 2020: Student Ideas Competition for a Smart House of the Future

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
Please visit the contest website for additional info.

Students in Ontario undergraduate and graduate architecture, architectural technology, engineering, and environmental science/design programs are invited to participate in an ideas competition for a smart house of the future. Sponsored and coordinated by workshop, inc., This two stage design competition seeks proposals that are innovative, pragmatic, and that could lead to an actual built prototype.

Competition participants are encouraged to think openly and broadly about a smart house and changing life styles. For example, there is no fixed notion of family, number of occupants, or number of units on the site. Competitors can focus on certain categories of “smart” such as a) innovative land use planning and the creation of a community, b) building science including intelligent use of resources, energy conservation/production, and long-term sustainability, or c) technological innovation, efficiency, and convenience. Or she/he can take an approach that is comprehensive, addressing all of these categories. The house should be approximately 250 square metres (2500 square feet) to 400 square metres (4000 square feet) and imagined on a flat suburban site in Southern Ontario, 16 metres by 40 metres (52.5 feet by 131.25 feet), with similar lots continuing on either side.
WORKshop, Inc. is seeking ideas that are realizable, pragmatic, and cost-effective. In Stage One, students are invited to submit their proposal both digitally and on one A-1 sheet by Friday, August 22, 2014. A jury will then select three finalist projects for further development in Stage Two, which will be due at a date in the fall of 2014 to be determined.

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