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______HERE, HERE MAGAZINE______ is an architecture, art and design magazine edited and designed by architecture students at California State Polytechnic University. For our Inaugural issue, HERE, HERE is soliciting speculative and innovative pieces from students, faculty and professionals in architecture or neighboring fields. The theme is open to interpretation and we encourage submissions from all disciplines and all media formats: illustrations, graphics, images and/or text. If your medium is the moving image (film, video, animation, gifs) we encourage you to send it to us too as we may publish it on our website.

—- ‘GLITCH’—–

In 1999 airlines spent $2.5 billion to avoid a glitch in their systems that would potentially bring about an apocalyptic crisis. This scare was known as Y2k and brought the word glitch to linguistic fame.

During it’s big introductory presentation to an executive board ED-209 brutally kills one of the company’s executives. The incident is explained as a temporary setback, a ‘minor glitch’.

We are referring to the unforeseen technical error that sends one astray from the charted course; a slippage that grants access to a hidden galaxy of chance and unlikely permutations. These are picaresque anomalies that can quickly turn into villains and infestations. Amusing and comical or catastrophic and irreversible, they work in secret.

Moments of digital exhibitionism expose us to the inner workings of the machine. They let about and render the absent image, the ghosts that hover an inch from our work and can equally come to create or come to destroy. As designers, they confront us with our readiness to give in to process and threaten us with redefining our work, bringing us face to face with our own complacencies, showing us that we, ourselves, are pre-programed and have inherent dispositions.

Here, here finds possibility in these anti-patterns, a refuge from the threat of the coming singularity that rests on the assumed perfection of technology. We are excited about the creepy, the cryptic and the information held within. For this issue, we are relying on these moments of catharsis to enable a break from the original meaning of an object and introduce a shift in the discourse. We want to hear about your anecdotes, investigations, solutions and projects.

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