Bus and railway station New Belgrade

Less than 12 hours are left for the contest deadline.
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Public, open, conceptual, one-stage, anonymous competition for urban and architectural design of bus and railway station New Belgrade and business/retail development in block 42, New Belgrade

City of Belgrade

Belgrade Land Development Public Agency

Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade and Association of Belgrade Architects

The Competition is announced as urban and architectural, open, preliminary/conceptual, one stage, and anonymous.

The competition site is block 42, New Belgrade, located between streets: Jurija Gagarina, Proleterske solidarnosti, Milutina Milankovića Boulevard and Đorđa Stanojevića.
The purpose of the competition is to choose the best technology/ transportation, urban and architectural design for the New Belgrade bus and railway station, and business/retail complex between submitted designs, as the basis for the preparation of Detailed Regulation Plan.
The conceptual design should meet the requirements of the Promoter in accordance with specified conditions, the Design Brief and the accompanying documentation.

National and international architects (architectural teams) may participate in the competition if they meet the following requirements:
-Architects participating in the competition should be licensed by Serbian Chamber of
-Architectural teams participating in the competition must be represented by at least one licensed architect (by Serbian Chamber of Engineers) as a team representative.
The following persons will not be admitted to take part in the competition:
-Jurors and reserve jurors, persons who directly particiapted in the preparation of the competition assignment as well as member of their families and direct associates.
-Competitors may not receive direct or indirect assistance related to the competition from the listed categories.

-Competition announcement 24/02/2014
-Questions to the Jury may be posed to the competition email address blok42konkurs@urbel.com until 11/03/2014
-Answers to Competition participants will be provided on the internet site of the competition www.urbel.com/blok42konkurs by 18/03/2014
The Promoter of the Competition will not be responsible for the competitors not asking questions, or not being informed about the Jury’s answers, nor will be these facts significantly important for the results of the Competition.
-Submission of designs 13/05/2014
The designs should be brought or sent to Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, Palmoticeva St. 30, Belgrade, in the meeting room on the ground floor, by 3 p.m. regardless of the method of submission (either directly or by mail).
-Assessment of proposals and selection by the Jury, by 03/06/2014
-Announcement of winners 10/06/2014
Jury will inform the public and stakeholders on the results and exhibition opening dates and talks on the submitted entries, upon the Announcement of the results.

If by the established deadline arrives at least 10 entries corresponding to the conditions of the Competition, three prizes and three honorable mentions will be awarded and distributed as follows:
• I prize 2.300.000 RSD
• II prize 1.150.000 RSD
• III prize 805.000 RSD
• 3 Honorable Mentions 345.000 RSD each
The Jury will award the first prize, but is entitled to prize distribution other than specified.
Designs that have been awarded a prize or an honorable mention become the ownership of the promoter. Their authors grant their consent to the promoter for the use of their submissions for the purposes of this competition.

President of the Jury:
Mr. Siniša Mali, PhD. Ecc., City of Belgrade
The jury members:
Mr. Srđan Milanović, Ma.B.Arch., Belgrade Land Development Agency, PE, Deputy president,
Mr. Dušan Milanović, B.Transport Eng. Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade,
Prof. Vladan Djokic, PhD.Arch. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture
Prof. Nada Milosavljević, PhD.Transport Eng. University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering,
Mr. Dušan Nikolić, M.Sci.Civ. Eng, Faculty of Civil Engeneering Belgrade,
Mr. Milan Vujović, M.Sci.Arch.Eng. Belgrade Asociation of Architects,
Mrs. Žaklina Gligorijević, M.Sci.Arch.Eng. Belgrade Asociation of Architects

Miss Jelena Đerić, B.Arch.
Miss Ana Lazović, B.Arch.
Technical secretariat
Belgrade Association of Architects

Competition brief and the Program will be available at the web page of Urban Planning Institute of Belgrade, www.urbel.com/blok42konkurs, e-mail: blok42konkurs@urbel.com.
All the Competition documents can be purchased at the Belgrade Association of Architects, Kneza Miloša St. 7a/III, 11000 Belgrade, phone:+381 11 3230059, +381 11 3239754, and
e-mail: sas-dab@eunet.rs.
A competitor is eligible to participate by purchasing the Competition documentation, and he/she agrees with the Competition regulations by submission of a Competition design.

Competition website: Visit website
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